the day of my birth

surprise-happy-birthday-gifts-5Today begins another Season of Celebration (my own name for the period of days between October 21st and January 6th). As the sun rises on my 57th birthday, there are three that are much on my mind, three that I miss.I miss my mom and day today and I miss Howard. The joy of this day is lessened without them.

Still I take comfort two that are now with me, who were not hear last year. My sister and my niece are now living with me. They bring me great joy and comfort. I take delight in hearing their voices when I’m doing something else in house. I enjoy the conversations that come and go through the day. I like being a part of them building a new home here in Washington State. I take solace in their company when things aren’t going well. I delight is sharing life with them. I trust their love.

Among all the amazing gifts that God has given me since the last Season of Celebration, their presence is God’s greatest birthday gift to me. The people who are the community of Ascension are a close second. My life without all of them would be unthinkably empty.

I am slowly understanding and appreciating what I’ve been given. I am all the more aware of just how blessed I am just to be breathing these days, let alone basking in all this divine generosity. i sometimes forget but if I go too far and too long off the track,┬áSunday will come along and put me back in mind of God’s grace to me.

Today (due to a financial calculation mistake on my part) I am not able to observe some of the traditions that I have observed on this day over the years. So I’m going to do what the church does all the time: transfer the feast day. Today I mark the day. On Saturday I will properly celebrate the day with those who are with me.