To Young Black Trans Folk


I see you. You are in the blogosphere. You are on the streets standing up for your rights. I see you in the day and in the night. I see you together and alone.

I see you and I admire you. I admire your relentless drive to be heard, to be yourselves, to see justice done, to remember the fallen and to stop the carnage.

I see you and I feel for you. I see your hurt with a system that talks about queer pride but then turns around and slaps you in the face. I see your pain as you grapple with fear around safety, lack of opportunities, family drama, homelessness and poverty.

I see you and I walk in places where I have influence to help bring about justice and to help tear down a system that works against you while building one that works for all of us.

I see you and you have every right to see me. You have every right to call me out on my stuff. You have every right to see me as slow in the struggle and too quite for the fight.

However, know that I do see you and hold you in high regard. I may not understand some of the things you do and say. I am slow in coming to terms with new terms and tags. But I’m trying. I’m trying to listen more and speak less. I’m trying not to act like an entitled Baby-boomer. Not that you need to commend me for that or forgive me for that or even care about that. That’s my stuff, not yours.

Please know that….

…I see you


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