t minus 4 and counting

In four days we are moving. We’re going from a 2 bedroom downstairs unit to a 3 bedroom house.


I am thrilled at the prospect of being a new place. However I’m not thrilled with the work of packing for the move. However I am highly motivated to pack. However to paraphrase the old gospel hymn: “Over my head I hear neighbors in the house. There must be a quieter place somewhere.”

The prep for the move is actually going quite well. This surprises me because I feel as if things are helter skelter all over my life right now. There are a lot of things up in the air at work. The transition at church still has me feeling a little unsettled. And now I’m looking at a little procedure that I want to have done.

Gotta go. The packing schedule says I have work to do before I go to work.


I woke up today at 2:41am. After a failed attempt at going back to sleep, I got out of bed. My mind was reeling with all manner of stuff.


Our move is 13 days away and there is a ton of stuff to do. I worked on lists from 3:30am until well after sunrise. I was measuring things, making packing calculations, creating lists, editing existing lists, updating the budget, scheduling and rescheduling.

On top of this, the pace of the changes around print services at Prov has quickened. This is my five-day-a-week job and I feel unsettled and a bit uncertain about it. I’m sitting a very good position and new opportunities are about to open up for me but when and how that will happen is undermined.

Turning to my church life at Ascension, our rector’s sabbatical has just started. I’ve never been on staff at a parish during a rector’s sabbatical. I’ll be doing a lot more preaching and presiding. A couple of funerals are coming up. Church School is ending for the year and I’m transitioning out of the role of Director of Children and Youth Ministries and into the role of Associate priest. All of this has me feeling a little unsettled.

There are other things that are up in the air too. My health is improving as I intentionally train my body to meet the workload of fives days a week in a print shop. However my eating has been off the charts bad. It’s showing up big time on the scale. That’s a red flag warning. I suspect I’m slipping back into the old habit of using food as a drug. I may very well be using food to avoid or placate my feelings of anxiety and/or fear.

In the midst of this, where is my personal spiritual life? What is the state of my walk with Christ? I look at my disciplines and I’m displeased with what I see. Prayer time: down, time in the Word: down, writing/reflection time: down, giving: down, koinonia time: down. This is a problem that calls for immediate action. This is not going to be easy during this time of unsettledness. However if i don’t tend to my spiritual life (including my disciplines) then things could go south quickly. May God grant me the grace and wisdom to amend my current life.


It’s official. The ladies, formally of 3990 are moving. We’re excited about moving and will be in the new space in June.


I am so ready for this move. We currently live beneath an active family of three adults, two dogs, a 3 year-year-old girl and a 1 year-old boy. It’s been like living under a mob of wallabies. The jumping and the bumping and the bouncing and the pouncing are enough to make you reconsider the idea that children are in fact a blessing. The kids pound away all day (they rarely go out) and the man marches about all night (he doesn’t seem to sleep).

I long for the day when I can come home from a long day at a noisy print shop and experience quite above my head. And I’m prepared to pay for that peace.

So today we went we sat with the real estate agent and signed the lease. In two week we move from our bottom floor 2 bedroom unit to a 3 bedroom house. May God bless the move.

It is fitting that this is the day we sign a lease around moving from one space to another. For it was on this day two years ago that my sister and I sat by the bed of our mother as she moved from this world to the mansion in heaven.