I’m on trio of bad streaks and it will show up on the scale tomorrow.

  1. Haven’t tracked for 3 days in a row
  2. Haven’t hit my fluids goal for 5 days in a row
  3. Haven’t had veggies for 10 days in a row.

This has been a crash and burn week. Yet in the midst of some big failures, three things have gone well. 5 out of the last 7 days have been good wine days. I’ve rowed 7 times in 12 days. Also in the last 28 days I’ve averaged over 11,000 steps a day.

So maybe it isn’t a tailspin but it’s been a definite down week.

Hit the rowing machine today for the first time since my surgery (6 weeks ago). I’m back to square one. I’m very de-conditioned (as my surgeon would say. So today I just did 13 minutes and covered 1828 meters. Still it’s good to be back with Black Fox again.

Back to the work of weight loss

restartI have had a lot going on this summer and that has been good in many ways. However one of ways this summer has not been so good is my weight. When I stepped on the scale at my annual visit to my endo-doc it read 192 lbs (yikes). The long work days and the stress of change and a couple of health challenges (an injury and a surgery)have conspired against me. As my ends-doc and I mapped out my health goals for the coming year, she said that she would like to see a good deal less of me next year. In fact, she wants to see about 20 pounds less of me. She would like to see me reach and maintain a weight of around 170 lbs. That is actually a higher weight than I have set for myself by about 10 pounds. So I am at last making the new start at mindful eating and intentional activity.

A key part of that mindful eating is a return to Weight Watchers. This Friday I will return to a regular meeting. Meetings are good for me. They keep me accountable and they help keep me motivated. It is going to embarrassing to step onto the scale and see how much I’m up from my last visit to WW but I know that my situation is nothing new to them. I also know that several of my WW peers have been in the same place before. They will not judge me. They will welcome me as a fellow traveler.

In order to help myself with good habits I’ve decided to reinstate an old tactic: the sticker calendar. This month I have four goals for each day: 1) track, 2) stay under my wine limit, 3) eat fruit and veggies and 4) hydrate. I earn a sticker for each time I hit my daily goal in these areas. To help me even more I’ve put the calendar in a place in house where my family can see it and thus be able to monitor and support me.

Here I go. I’m back in the weight loss marathon. I’m aware that weight is just one of a whole host of things that make up signs of good health. I’m working on the total package. I know that mindful healthy eating and intentional activity will help me in several health areas, not just weight loss. I know what to do. The hard part is doing it, day in and day out.