‘bye facebook – back to the old rain and clouds

I finally did what I’ve been thinking of doing for months now. I deactivated my Facebook account. It was getting to be too much for me. I’m a good little liberal and I have no intention of stepping back from resisting many of the Trump administrations policies and opposing its dangerous rhetoric. However I just can’t take anymore of the all-Trump-all-the-time barrages from the left and the right. It sucks me into a hole of despair and I can’t live there anymore. So I’ve withdrawn from Facebook. I’m not saying Facebook is bad. Far from it. I encourage people to be on it. I think it is a good place for activism. I’m pulling back strictly for myself.

I started writing my blog just for myself and a handful of people (maybe 4 or 5) who might stumble upon it. The Facebook came along and I began uploading posts there. The blog boomed. It felt good to be read but now I want to go back to the old days. I want to return to the time when writing felt like whispering in the dark and not yelling louder to have my voice heard.

I know it’s going to be a bit of ego blow to see the numbers plummet. However I’m feeling the need to return to a blog that is more in the tradition of the old Rain and Clouds. That blog was a blog before people were calling them blogs. The original Rain and Clouds was Yahoo Group (we’re going back now). I loved that group–a little pocket full of readers and I poured out my heart there. Many years ago.

Here’s to a return to the true spirit of Rain and Clouds.

Now, a blast from the past. I found the old Yahoo group and here is the picture that was on the front page of the group.

Rain and Clouds - Carla's Journal - Yahoo Groups 1

Oh, my Lord. Who is that woman?



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