a report from print

Today in Seattle the temperature hit 80 for the first time since last summer. Today was also the first time in my employment at WBG that I’ve been in the plant on a day this warm. The production floor is mostly not climate controlled. On the floor today it was warm, unpleasantly warm. Soaked shirts and folks in shorts, sweating out a hard day’s work.

Most of my work happens in a part of the plant that is climate controlled because out digital equipment needs a more constant temperature. However I have to go the floor about 25 times a day to get stock, cut paper, shrink wrap orders, deliver items to bindery and shipping, and go get my food from the frig. So I too felt the sting of the heat in a production environment. Not a fun day in print.

saying yes to st james

The Rev. Joyce Parry-Moore has invited me to join the staff at St James Episcopal Church in Kent as the Director of Children, Youth and Family Formation. I have responded with an enthusiastic YES.


I’m excited about the challenges and the blessings that lie ahead. I’m looking forward to working with Rev. Joyce. Together we may well be the most theatrical pair of priests in The Episcopal Church. I like Rev. Joyce and I have a feeling that we are going to work very hard, do a lot of wonderful ministry and have a bunch of fun. I’m eager to meet the kids and the families and those who minister with them. Wow, so much… so much…

Of course there is so much to do just to get started. I am thrilled and nervous at the same time. I’m thankful and confident while also being humbled and overwhelmed at what lies before me. My first response when I got the news was to fall on my knees and say, “Thank you, Jesus.” My second response was to stay on my knees and say, “Help me, Jesus.”

There is also the work of transition. I’ll begin transitioning from Ascension to St James right away as there is a summer program at St James that will need energy and leadership. I’m pleased that there will be some overlap between my ministries at both parishes. I need time to say my thank yous and my goodbyes at Ascension.

However I’m not going far away. I’m not going to another diocese. In fact my sister will be staying at Ascension. So I’ll still have a sense of what is happening there. I will maintain some ties to the membership there. Also Rev. Marilyn is a valuable peer and we will be bumping into each other (Clergy Days, continuing ed, Convention, etc).

It is a part time position, 20 hours a week. That means that I’ll still be working at my “secular” job. Interestingly enough, my “secular” job is also in Kent. It’s a 7-minute drive from one to the other. That helps make this a good fit. Also at the end of last year I bought an excellent laptop that also doubles as a tablet. It allows me to work from anywhere. It’s light, powerful and fast. I’ll be able to work between home, church and print facility seamlessly.

There is so much to consider, lots to work out, tons to sort through and all my other stuff on top of this. Be assured that I will write about it (as is appropriate, of course). Dear readers, I covet your prayers and your well-wishes as I start this new season of ministry.