changes at Ascension

AscensionI note this evening with deep emotion the announcement of the retirement of my friend and peer the Rev. Dr. Marilyn Cornwell as rector of the Episcopal Church of the Ascension.

I had the great honor of serving under her leadership as Director of Children and Youth Ministries and as Associate Priest. Marilyn is a remarkable person as well as an outstanding priest. Our paths first crossed as she was in the final stages of her path to ordination. I was Secretary for Vocations as she was she was approaching ordination. I knew her then through the file I kept on her and all who were in the discernment process. I was impressed then before I ever met her.

Our paths crossed again as St Mark’s was in the process of calling a pastor for Pastoral Care. I served on the committee that recommended her. I got to see her gifts up close and personal as a member of St Mark’s during trying times.

I was surprised when she invited me to apply for a position at Ascension. Frankly I did not see that coming. I was delighted to come on board and to serve there for three years. She showed me how wonderful team ministry could be.

At Ascension I came to experience a healing that I needed. My bond to that parish will never be broken. They breathed new life into me and I hope I gave them a sense of new life also.

As Marilyn embarks on a new course, I pray God blessing on her. As Ascension discerns what to do next in ordained leadership there, I pray the Spirit’s guidance.


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