to my young trans peers

I see you.


And I think you are remarkable. You are determined to not only survive but to thrive and to change the world. And now there are enough of you to do just that. You are in a great position “to rise up and fight where we stood still.” You are making a mark that I could not make. I admire you. I pray for your success (yes, I still believe in prayer).

I’m somewhere between late middle age and early old age. I don’t have the energy I once did and my mind is no longer as flexible as it once was. I’m not as fearless as you are. But you are the banner bearers now. You are leading the charge. You are well equipped for that work and you will succeed in it.

My task is to encourage. My role is to support you. My job is be a healer. I do these things because I am an old cleric. My aging hands still have healing in them and the cracking voice still has power in it. What blessing I have to give, I give to you.

I do ask that you not run away from me. Don’t let the grey hair scare you. I will listen to you and I hope that every now and again you will listen to me. I will not jump out in front of you and try to lead the parade. I won’t give you grief for new ideas and new language that challenge some of my old understandings.

I’m not always going to agree with you but I will always hear you. We are from different generations but we are on the same team: Team Justice.


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